Duplicate key Error and how to fix it

Should you encounter this error when exporting your AIM workspace it's usually due to duplicate image names within a lot.

We are working to improve the system so this error will not occur but until that time comes this is how you can resolve the issue yourself.

1.  Go to the export error in the export log.

Duplicate key Error and how to fix it -1

2.  Click "Show more" to expand the error so you can see the text we will need to copy.

Duplicate key Error and how to fix it -2


3.  Now, navigate to any lot in the impacted auction and make sure you click into the lot.  At this point you should see all of the item details of this specific lot. Look up at the URL and replace the ItemID in the URL with the one you copied in step 2.  Then hit enter/return on your keyboard.

Duplicate key Error and how to fix it -3

4. Now that you have been brought to the offender lot, please have a look at the images and the names of each image.  Select the extra images that have the same image name and delete them. 

Alternatively, you can download all of the images in the lot, select a dash delimiter, and wait for the zip file to download.  Now that you have a copy of all the images on your local machine, you can select all the images in that offender lot and delete them.  Reupload the images on your computer that have dashes for new names and once that has finished you are ready to export.  *Note, this will keep all the duplicate photos, it just allows you to quickly fix a large volume of photos if you don't care about duplicate photos.*

5.  Re-export the auction and now the workspace should export successfully.  If you are left with a similar error it's probably because you have uploaded duplicates to more than one lot and will have to repeat this process until the errors are corrected.