How to add a Watermark to Exported Images

To add a watermark, go to "My Companies" on the left menu (gear icon) and click on the company you want to add a watermark to. Click the Edit button (pencil icon) for a new window with the Edit Company panel. Hover to the Watermarking Tab to open the page.

In the watermarking section there are a lot of settings to custom your watermark:

  • Predefined Position -  The position of the photo where the watermark will be
  • Watermark Height & Width -  Control the size of the watermark
  • Watermark Opacity -  This controls the opacity of the watermark over your image
  • Rotation - This allows you to put your watermark at an angle. Some people use this have a watermark fit better in the corner of the photo
  • Preview on Different Resolutions -  This allows you to see what your watermark will look like on photos of different resolutions



How to Export the Photos with the Watermark

While exporting you will see a checkbox under zip photos that will let you turn on Watermarks for your Export.

** After setting up the Watermarking, go back to your Dashboard, Choose the Workspace/Auction you wanted to use the Watermark. Click the Actions button (3 dots icon) dropdown and select Export.




NOTE: While exporting to SAM the Watermark is automatically applied.