How to Download AIM for Android

You can download the AIM application for Android devices by opening the Google Play Store on your device and searching for "Bidpath AIM" or clicking the link below.

AIM for Android



AIM – The last Auction Item Management app that you will ever need. Import and export your items using CSV or Bidpath SAM or simply point your camera at your item and start taking pictures. This full-suite application allows you to easily edit, rotate, crop, delete and organize your images, videos, descriptions and while in the field. Create custom categories or custom fields to add levels of details or use any of our premade templates. You can use your built-in camera to capture VIN data (with look up to get detailed vehicle information), UPC data or bar code data to make data entry even faster. Additional time saving features include speech-to-text, intelligent auto numbering and the ability to quickly and easily find items missing descriptions or images. Supports the ability to add additional detail files such as PDF documents.

Export directly to Bidpath SAM or Go Auction!

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