How to Export a Workspace?

Exporting a Workspace

Note: The exporting function is only available in the Web Version of AIM

To export a workspace go to the dashboard on the web version of AIM.

Click the "Actions" dropdown on the workspace you want to export.

Choose "Export" from the list.



Choose the files you want to export

  • ZIP photos - A ZIP file with all of the photos in your workspace. The photos are named according to the Asset Number (1-1,1-2,1-3,etc)
  • Catalog - A CSV containing all of the items in your workspace. Every custom field you have used will be in the catalog.


This will bring you to the exports page for your workspace where you can also click to download any of the exports that have been completed. Click the refresh button to see if your export has finished.


Historical exports are stored in this page and can be used as backups of your data.

Back to your Dashboard, click again the Export Tab and this time it will be Exported to SAM.

Select a Workspace, click Export, and click the Action button ( 3 dots icon ). Choose Export, and wait for it to be uploaded. You can also click Refresh to see the progress of the upload.


You will know when your Export is successful if you see your Export page like this.



And if you will check it in your SAM install will look like this.