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Importing a spreadsheet into AIM

Find the auction on your ‘Dashboard’
Next to the auction click ‘Actions’ ( The 3 dots icon ) and then ‘Import’.
Select the file you wish to import.
AIM will match the column headers from your imported spreadsheet on the left-
hand side. We now have to match those headers with the set mapping in AIM. For
example, LotNumber was imported in the spreadsheet, but we need to name this
Lot # in order for that column to be imported correctly.
Go through and click confirm to every column that you wish to import, if you wish
to ignore a column click ‘Ignore’ For example with the Live auction catalogue
being imported above, we do not want to upload the reserve.
Click ‘Confirm mapping’ when all the columns have been confirmed/ignored to
start the catalogue upload process.
At this point a preview of the catalogue will appear. If you spot a mistake you can
edit the cell here with inline editing, simply click into the cell and edit.
When ready, click ‘Import’
You will then be returned to the Workspace page: