What is an Appraisal Workspace?

Appraisal Workspace An appraisal workspace is a workspace where you can add the assets and values for an appraisal project.

Creating an Appraisal Workspace


Once you are inside of the AIM application go to your Dashboard and click the "Add Workspace" button at the bottom. In the type drop down select "Appraisal". Fill out the required information and hit save.








Navigate to your dashboard and click the "Create Workspace" button in the top right.

Choose Appraisal as the "Type"



Fill out the required fields and hit save.


Required Fields:

  • Name - Your identifier for the workspace
  • Location - The location of the items in the workspace
  • Description - This will help your team identify what the workspace is used for

Optional Fields:

  • Gallery - A collection of photo that are not connected to an item. The photos here can be moved to an item later or kept for reference.
  • Documents & Links - Document storage for all of you users to have access to