How to Integrate an AWS Account for Photo Storage

WARNING: When you enter any S3 AWS account the photos that are currently in the AIM platform will be deleted

Before you link your accounts you will need access to some information.

On your AWS S3 account collect the following:

  • Access Key ID
  • Access Secret Key
  • Bucket Name
  • Region
  • Public URL

If you need help creating an S3 account - How to create an Amazon AWS S3 account for Photo Storage

If you do not know where to get this information please ask whoever set it up.

Linking S3

In the web version of AIM go to "My Companies" page on the left.

Click on the company you want to integrate.

Scroll down to the bottom and click the External Credentials Tab.




Click "Add New" next to the AWS Settings

After verifying that your photos will be deleted fill out the required information and hit save. As you hit save we test the integration and will let you know if you have any of the credentials wrong.